Climate and Weather in the Cesme Region

The regional climate in Turkey depends on the geographical location and therefore differs from that in Central Anatolia for western coastal regions such as the Marmara Sea or the Aegean Sea. If one climate zone is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with mild and humid winters and dry, hot summers, continental weather may prevail in another climatic zone. wants to recommend the best travel time for Cesme and its surroundings in Turkey. The Marmara region and Istanbul have a Mediterranean climate and the temperature rarely drops below 30 ° C in summer. This region is shaped by the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, and temperatures do not drop below the 20 ° mark until October.

The main travel season for this region of Turkey is from May to October. The same is true for the Turkish Aegean Sea and the Turkish Mediterranean coasts around the Turkish Riviera. The climate here is also Mediterranean, and temperatures only drop below 30 ° C in October. The area around Alanya on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a specialty. Humid weather supports a subtropical climate, and there are many fruit tree plantings for banana, citrus and kiwi.

The main travel season for the Aegean Sea and the Turkish Riviera is from June to September. In the Black Sea region, it is rainy and temperate. The best time to travel here is from June to September, as there is much less rain in these months than in spring or autumn. The weather in Central Anatolia and Kapagonya is characterized by strong seasons. If the temperature rises above 30 ° C in summer, temperatures drop to minus degrees depending on the altitude in winter. Kapagonya's naked volcanic landscape is then covered with snow and invites you to snow tourism.

In Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, the weather is quite mild. These regions in Central Anatolia can be explored all year round and invite you to summer and winter tourism. The climate is very different in Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia. In Eastern Anatolia, where altitude prefers, temperatures are quite warm in summer and cold in winter. The main travel season here is from April to October. In Southeastern Anatolia, the weather is moderate and warm. Temperatures here usually reach 30 ° C in the spring and can reach 40 ° C and even higher in the summer. The main travel season here is from April to October.

High season, June-September: most travelers come to Cesme during the summer months. It is 30 ° hot during the day, it rains less than one day on average, and the sea reaches 25 °. Also, there is always a gentle breeze on the coast of the peninsula.

Pre-season, May: The swimming season starts in May, with consistently warm weather and 25 to 30 ° a day. It rains for 1-2 days. The sea is warm enough to swim at 22-23 °.

Post-season, October: Autumn swimming weather is better in spring than pre-season. The weather is warm at 30 °, the sea still reaches 24 °, and the rainy season does not begin from late October to early November.