Cesme Sifne , Şifne District which is 8 km away from Çeşme center, has come to the fore with many features. The deep blue color of its bays seems to form its dance with nature. Sifne, which stands out especially with its healing thermal springs, continues to host many guests every year with its touristic attractions and its beach, which is intertwined with nature.

The Legend of Sifne

It is thought that the word "Şifne" derives from the Turkish word "şifa" ,which means healing. This name has a historical legend. According to a historical legend, Erythrai, the king of the time, had a daughter. Her daughter was constantly suffering from painful sores on her skin. During a hunting trip, the king's sick dog entered the clear waters of Şifne. Seeing that the dog that came out of the water got rid of the parasites on his face, the king immediately thought of his daughter and wanted to bring his daughter here with hope. The girl who entered the clear waters of Şifne was instantly healed. Later, the people who heard this changed from mouth to mouth saying healing mud and came to our day as Şifne.

The Healing Waters of Sifne

According to the legend of history, the mud, which is healing, has turned into touristic places today and many hotels have muddy baths and hot spring waters. This healing coming from the underground is not only limited to this, but there are hot springs specially coming from many places for this. It is known that the water of Şifne is beneficial for many problematic conditions such as rheumatism disorders, skin disorders, metabolism disorders.

Cesme Sifne Location and Transportation

It is 9 km to Şifne from Çeşme district and 75 km to İzmir city centre. To reach these natural beauties, you can use the buses run by the municipality for the public. The bus route uses the Havaş Çeşme road and you can use the 836 vehicle. If you wish, you can travel comfortably with your own vehicle.