Fly Inn Beach

At Fly-inn Beach Club, everyone wants to escape in summer, Es has become a poet in the heart of the Aegean. Coolness of the sea Enjoy the water and the warm Sunbeams You can take it out, but also on the Lawn This is a place where you can relax. Let yourself go and enjoy the beauty around you hereabouts.

Cocktails are an integral part of this club. Fresh and original delicious cocktails that mixes with be prepared while sunbathing or while relaxing at the sea, it will not fall out of your hands.

However, Çeşme Fly-inn Beach Club is only for sunbathing and to the sea there. It's not just a place to enjoy. Also that is water It is also an ideal place for sports enthusiasts. from the sea where you can find the energy and fun experience at the highest level. Enjoy the fun at Water sports activities You can disembark.

Cesme Fly-inn Beach Club is unforgettable for you and your loved ones. It is a place that has thought of every detail, to offer you a summer experience. We're waiting for you that particular point where blue and green meet.