Ayayorgi Bay

Ayayorgi Bay, which stands out especially with the dynamism of its entertainment life, stands out with its magnificent sea and view. Due to the cove structure, it gets less wind than other bays and you can enjoy the sea with the gentle wind blowing. The magnificent Ayayorgi dark fine sand structure creates wonderful memories that are remembered with the view of the sea, sun and clouds with countless shades from turquoise to emerald green. You can easily find wonderful restaurants in the region where you can eat fresh fish and seafood accompanied by the sea view.

Ayayorgi Bay, which offers the opportunity to get involved in the lively nightlife in the entertainment venues around the bay, is especially preferred by young people and couples who want to have fun. There are many nightclubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. In addition to the usual beach activities such as sunbathing and swimming, it offers many entertainment opportunities. As Ayayorgi Bay is one of the most popular destinations in Çeşme, it allows you to have a very well-kept and comfortable holiday. In order to make the most of the time you want to spend in Ayayorgi bay, you should plan your visit properly. As Çeşme Travel, we are happy to assist you in this matter.