Cesme is a magnificent peninsula with dozens of different beaches. Cesme is waiting to be discovered with its stunning landscapes and bays waiting to be discovered. Our guide has been prepared to make it easier for you to find the beach that suits you in Cesme. You can find a popular beach to feel Cesme, or you can choose a quiet place to enjoy the peace.

If you are thinking of visiting Çeşme, it will be a big waste for you to leave without trying the local foods of the region. When it comes to the local flavors of Çeşme, exclusive olive oil dishes, raki fish tables, lots of mastic flavors, and a wide variety of herbs come to mind. You can get most of the ingredients for the delicacies here in the freshest way from local markets, and you can even ask for a recipe from the friendly artisans. Çeşme, where you can taste the best examples of almost all the flavors of the Aegean, is also home to the Alaçatı Herb Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the Aegean region. Do not miss the best opportunity to taste these delicacies together at this magnificent festival, where tens of thousands of people flock to and concerts of countless artists every year.

Don't forget to attend the traditional Alaçatı Ot Festival, which is held regularly in the first week of April every year, even if it is canceled this year within the scope of Covid-19 measures!

1-Sea Beans

Sea beans is one of the most well-known olive oil food in Aegean cuisine, is a type of appetizer/salad that everyone will love. It is a kind of herb that grows on the coasts where the sea is tide and contains a high nutrient source.

2-Dead Nettle

Dead nettle is a herb known for its numerous benefits to the human body and highlighted by studies in this region. It is known as one of the healthiest olive oil dishes you can come across with unlimited comments, whether it's a juicy dish or a pastry.


Arapsaci, which can be found everywhere in the Çeşme region, is a type of grass that you can even collect yourself if you want. This plant, which is from the parsley and fennel family, is also known for its pain-relieving effect. As dead nettle, do not pass without trying the very useful and intense taste tangle, which can be consumed in many ways.


This cannabis herb, seen in many parts of Turkey, has become famous for its coffee, chewing gum, and dishes made in the Aegean Region, depending on the regions where it grows. It is good for dental health, blood pressure and diabetes, and even many other diseases such as facial paralysis and eardrum inflammation. If a cardoon meal is made with lamb meat, it becomes an indispensable taste.


As we talked about the most well-known herbaceous dishes in Çeşme, it is not possible to talk about street delicacies. At the beginning of these, especially everyone thinks of the dove. Don't be surprised if you go to a baker's shop and they are named according to the ingredients, they are named according to the combinations, considering the ingredients that everyone may want. We strongly recommend that you do not go on holiday without eating this delicacy, which is carefully prepared in most parts of Çeşme.


Boyoz, which has become a symbol of Izmir, attracts everyone who tries it. This pastry, which is brought out fresh and hot in the bakeries every morning, is known to be layered soft but crispy, and lately, there are options such as fat-free or chocolate that everyone may want.


Lokma, one of the famous desserts of the Aegean Region, is the favorite of sweet lovers. It is made by frying special dough balls in oil and sweetening them in sherbet. This dessert, which is loved by many, is indispensable on special occasions.

8-Gum Mastic Jam

It is possible to see chewing gum in many different ways. It's one of the special flavors of Çeşme. You can use this jam on your breakfast table or in desserts for a slight mastic gum flavor.

9- Gummy Ice Cream

After a hot summer day, you will not forget the taste it leaves on your palate once you eat the gummy ice cream, which is specially prepared compared to the ice creams you always eat to cool off while you are walking around the market together in the evening. When you come to Çeşme, don't miss this taste that you can easily reach from most places.

10- Turkish Coffee With Mastic Gum

When you return home after a seaside feast, get ready for a taste that you can't keep yourself from with your loved ones while it's a slightly cool afternoon. Famous for the special production of Turkish coffee with mastic gum in Çeşme, it is a flavor that you cannot forget for a long time.