Holiday Types

Family Vacation

Çeşme has a beach and hotel where children can safely have fun and organize many family activities. In most of the hotels you will find a suitable pool and playground for children. Çeşme is also a great destination to spend time together exploring nature and places to visit with your family. Do not hesitate to get in touch to get our views and advice, especially on accommodation facilities that offer a family-friendly experience to help you make your decision.


There are unlimited possibilities in Cesme for those who want to discover the magnificent flavors of the Aegean cuisine, olive oil dishes, dishes made with local herbs and enjoy traditional delicacies.

Nature Lovers

Cesme is a peninsula surrounded by seas on 3 sides. There are many safe routes created for hiking and cycling lovers. 49 walking routes, 450 kilometers long, allow you to walk and cycle from the Temple of Artemis along the Erythrai and Karaburun Peninsula. Along these routes, which include six Ionian city ruins and other historical sites located between Selçuk and Karaburun, there are historical areas that reflect the deep historical culture of the region as well as beautiful forests and gardens.

A great experience for couples!

Watch the immense sea view with your loved one, witnessing the magnificent sunrises and sunsets of the Aegean is the best way to have a romantic experience in Cesme. No matter how popular Cesme is, there are always beaches where you can spend a peaceful time alone.